Keep what’s most important at the top of your list.

LeanMail Prioritize

for Outlook Users


+ Stop working “last in, first out”
+ Work according to your priorities
+ Maintain an overview of what’s important
+ Remove 95% of the waste in your inbox

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Who is LeanMail Prioritize for?

LeanMail Prioritize is for any Microsoft Outlook user that wants to ensure that they take care of the most important mails systematically while having an overview of their mails according to priority.

Why do you need it?

There are five compelling reasons for prioritizing email:

  1. Never miss or be late with important emails
  2. Increase sales and offer better customer service
  3. Remove waste and clutter
  4. Get a clear overview of what is going on in your inbox
  5. Reduce stress caused by a lack of organization in your inbox
The LeanMail Journey

LeanMail Prioritize is the easy to use tool that you’ve been looking for to ensure that you never miss an important mail again.

More than that, you’ll have a clear overview of your priorities, zero waste, and a guarantee that you’ll be focused on the most important mails because they’ll always be where you need them — at the very top of your inbox.

Even more exciting is the fact that LeanMail Prioritize is just one of several LeanMail solutions that can be combined or used separately in order to take your email experience to the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness.


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Download one module, download them all

One of the best parts about our modular solution is the fact that when you download one system module, you actually download them all in one go. This way, when you want to try other solution modules, you don’t have to install any more software.

Adding more modules requires no outside support and is as easy as placing an order on our homepage.

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Features & Functionality

Two views

Keep track of what has and what hasn’t been prioritized.

Separate their priority from your priority

Your senders will still be able to show you their priority wish, but you will have yours as well.

Single click prioritizing

Choose between four icons to put all your mails in proper order — or do it directly from your keyboard.


Instead of responding “last in, first out”, you’ll be answering your most important mails first.

Keep your mails sorted

Your mails will be sorted in the right order: High, Normal and Personal.


LeanMail Prioritize can be upgraded step by step or immediately to the full LeanMail Suite at a discounted price so as to not pay for the same functionality twice.

Demonstration Video

Duration 3:59


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Prioritize mails with a click of a mouse

Drag and drop mails to change priorities

Clear out the clutter from your inbox while prioritizing

Get a clear picture of what's important in your inbox

Never miss an important email again


All LeanMail solutions require Outlook 2010 or later as well as a connection to an Exchange Server or Office365.

While not required, it is highly recommended that users incorporate LeanMail InstantArchive and LeanMail Prioritize before integrating any other LeanMail or LeanOutlook Plan


Customer Support

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Support hours and conditions

USA: Mon – Fri : 03:00 AM –  1:00 PM EST
Europe: Mon – Fri : 09.00 – 19.00 EET

All LeanMail software modules have a 30-day trial period

Breaking down barriers to success



All LeanMail modules are designed to be extremely easy to use and with no need for a manual. You can mouse-over any feature to see tip-text that will remind you what functionality it has.



Each module is affordably priced at just €4.75 per month and bundled modules are even less expensive, so you get extreme efficiency for the price of a coffee.



Re-thinking and re-designing existing mainstream software products allows our customers to get the most out of what they are already using. We don’t compete with Outlook; instead, we customize it to you it to your needs.



Serving banks, pharmaceutical companies, law firms, IT suppliers, governments and many other security sensitive organizations for over 10 years, has helped us become robust in our awareness and practice of extraordinary attention to security and data protection. We are also GDPA compliant as required by the European Union. Here is a link to our privacy protection statement.

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