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Who is Inbox480 for?

Inbox480 is for anyone using MS Outlook who receives more emails than they can handle.

Inbox480 is just that: an inbox-for-80 percent of your mails. If you have heard of the Pareto Principle or the 80/20 rule, you know that 80 percent of the effects come from 20 percent of the causes. The same rule can be applied to your inbox. 20 percent of your mail is essential — that which drives your business — while the non-essential 80 percent constantly distracts us and prevents us from focusing on what is most important.

Inbox480 automatically separates these two worlds in order to ensure that you spend your time wisely. Afterall, what is more important than how you spend your time on this earth?

How it works?

By default, an inbox collects ALL your mail. But now you can automatically separate the essential email, which accounts for approximately 20 percent of the contents of your inbox from the the non-essential mail, which accounts for approximately 80 percent – all while watching TV, reading mystery novels or doing important work.

Rather than deciding whether you have the time to read the deluge of non-essential email, the Inbox480 “makes the decision” for you. It puts a stop to all the time you previously wasted on newsletters, invitations, vendor inquiries, LinkedIn and Facebook notifications, etc. without you having to do anything – and keeps lists of them. You’re in control – not the people who send you email

The Leanmail Journey

Why beginning the LeanMail journey with Inbox480 is a brilliant idea.

LeanMail has many solutions designed to save you time and increase your productivity, but if you’re receiving fifty or more mails per day, there is probably no better way to start than to implement Inbox480. Dividing your email into two discrete piles gives you the elbow room to tackle all the other issues and relieves you of the paralysis that often plagues us when we are overloaded.

I am ready to improve my team work performance

Features & Functionality


Less important emails are automatically moved to Inbox480 without you needing to label them as unimportant.

Work by priority

Read bulk mail when you have the time and inclination instead of constantly weeding out junk and low importance mails.

Separate folder for newsletters

Divert newsletters and e-zines from your inbox and into the Inbox480 ReadingRack

Less disruption

Unimportant mails cease to disrupt your day.

No need to delete

Emails are automatically deleted at a time of your choosing.

No danger of missing important emails

Three stop-gaps prevent you from ever missing an important mail.

Demonstration Video

Watch a short introductory video about the history, need for, and benefits of Inbox480.


Duration: 4:02


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Keep your inbox free of lesser important mails.

Read bulk mail when you have the time.

Keep newsletters and e-zines separated from your core business email.

Unimportant mails cease to disrupt your day.

Cleans up any confusion

Three stop-gaps prevent you from ever missing an important mail.


All LeanMail solutions require Outlook 2010 or later as well as a connection to an Exchange Server or Office365.

While not required, it is highly recommended that users incorporate LeanMail InstantArchive and LeanMail Prioritize before integrating any other LeanMail or LeanOutlook Plan

Getting Started

When Inbox480 is activated, any mail non on your Essential senders list will be routed to your Inbox480.A question mark over the Inbox480 folder and a number next to the folder in parentheses indicates that you have email that has not yet been judged as essential or non-essential.

To mark a sender as Essential, highlight the mail or mails in Inbox480 found in the top group of “Non-confirmed non-essential” group of emails, and click on the white “Thumbs-up” icon. From that point on, mails from these senders will come directly to your Inbox and be placed in the “Confirmed non-essential” group of emails.

To mark a sender as Spam or Junk, click on the black “thumbs-down” button. From that point on, mails from these senders will come directly to your Junk mail folder. You can change this setting by going to your junk mail folder settings.

To mark a sender as a sender of newsletters, notifications or other mail that you would like to automatically move to your ReadingRack, click on the “open book” icon with the red arrow pointing inside it. From that point on, mails from these senders will come directly to your ReadingRack folder. If you wish to view mails in this folder, click on the “open book” icon next to it.Once you have completed the task of marking any mails as Essential, click on the blue check mark next to the Inbox480 folder to indicate that all other mails are Non-essential. From that point on, mails from these senders will continue to be directed to Inbox480, however, you will not receive an indication that mails from these senders have arrived. Further, depending on your settings, these mails will be automatically deleted over time, or not, depending on your preferences. (See settings)

Changing your mind: Make Non-essential mails Essential. If you decide that mail from a sender is Essential after having marked them as Non-essential earlier, simply highlight the mail in Inbox480 and click on the white “thumbs-up” icon

Make Essential Mails Non-essential. If you decide that mail from a sender is Non-essential after having marked them as Essential earlier, simply highlight the mail in your inbox and click on the gray “thumbs-sideways” icon.

Summary. Email arrives in your Inbox480 folder unless you have placed the sender on your Essential list, Spam list or ReadingRack folder list. In those cases, emails will be moved those folders respectively. Inbox480 notifies you of any first-time senders by displaying a question mark over, and a number next to, the Inbox480 folder. Click on the folder to decide how you want mails from these senders to be routed in the future. Go into settings in order to adjust the deletion date of non-essential mails as well as mails in the ReadingRack folder.


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All LeanMail software modules have a 30-day trial period

Breaking down barriers to success



All LeanMail modules are designed to be extremely easy to use and with no need for a manual. You can mouse-over any feature to see tip-text that will remind you what functionality it has.



Each module is affordably priced at just €3 per month and bundled modules are even less expensive, so you get extreme efficiency for the price of a coffee.



Re-thinking and re-designing existing mainstream software products allows our customers to get the most out of what they are already using. We don’t compete with Outlook; instead, we customize it to you it to your needs.



Serving banks, pharmaceutical companies, law firms, IT suppliers, governments and many other security sensitive organizations for over 10 years, has helped us become robust in our awareness and practice of extraordinary attention to security and data protection. We are also GDPA compliant as required by the European Union. Here is a link to our privacy protection statement.

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