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    Inbox480: Reduce the number of mails you receive without missing out on opportunities
    Click on your primary challenge with managing email
    Duo and Shared Inbox Share an inbox DelayedDelete Delete without fear Prioritize Prioritize with 1 click Inbox480 Reduce volume Cc: Protection Control Cc: mail InstantArchive File and find Plan Keep track Suite File, Prioritize & plan

    Combine the modules you need to create a customized solution to your email challenges.

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    The most satisfying solution for managing email in Outlook



    No manual needed! Mouse-over any feature for a quick explanation. No thinking needed, just efficiency.



    Only €3 per month and pay even less for bundled modules. Less than a coffee cup!



    Fitting exactly with what you need. By re-thinking and re-designing mainstream products, we created the perfect Outlook suite companion for you.



    Over 10 years of experience working with bank services, pharmaceuticals, law firms, governments and many other security sensitive organizations. We provide extraordinary attention for data protection. GDPA compliant.

    LeanMail for mobile

    It´s like having a personal assistant inside your pocket:

    • Separates the essential from the non-essential email
    • Prioritize important and urgent mails
    • Plan your mails and tasks

    Come back to the office and get to work on what’s most important without having to re-read, re-decide, or clean out your inbox, since Inbox480 has done most of that work anyway. There is a reason why LeanMail is the favorite solution for Fortune 500 Companies.


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